Meet Addie Langstaff

Meet Addie Langstaff

In today’s installation of the GO! Spotlight Series, we’d like you to meet Addie Langstaff. To know her is to love her.

Whether she’s corralling colleagues for team lunches or planning unparalleled staff parties, helping develop young talent or looking to lighten the load of her co-workers, Addie is a life force in GO!’s Atlanta studio. Her infectious energy, warmth, and playfulness are an integral part of what makes us GO!

And her cultural contributions are matched only by her work product. Addie is a triple threat, with a proven track record of strategic thinking, design work, and writing alike. Whether developing a life-sized Jenga game as an educational tool or designing go-to-market strategies for clients across industries from entertainment to pharmaceuticals, Addie’s work draws rave reviews.

Oh, and in case we didn’t keep her busy enough, Addie also runs half marathons, works on community outreach with AIGA Atlanta, and teaches design students at Portfolio Center.

Hey, Addie, what’s your story?

I grew up in Austin, Texas, in a family of restaurateurs. (I owe all my secret powers to the restaurant business). I studied Journalism at the University of Texas, while dabbling in Spanish and Mexican culture and politics, all along the way knowing that as much as I loved to write, I did not want to be a journalist. It wasn’t until I accidentally landed in a Visual Communication class that I got struck with a Big Design Lightning Bolt and my fate was sealed.

Since then, my path has unfolded in a beautifully non-linear form. There was a short stay in Guanajuato, Mexico. And then I spent some time naming, branding, and eventually managing my family’s food truck, before ultimately saying goodbye to my Texas way of life and moving to Atlanta to study design at Portfolio Center.

After graduating, I worked for a branding and communications strategy firm where I learned to marry the disciplines of writing and design in creating visual communication strategies to articulate my clients’ brands.

And nowadays I get the awesome privilege of expanding those visual communication skills into the world of experiential design at GO! as a designer and strategist.

If I came to your house for dinner, what would you prepare for me?

If you’re coming over for dinner, you’re pretty much guaranteed to eat something spicy with a side of tortillas — whether that be slow-cooked carnitas tacos or a big yummy pot of tortilla soup with freshly fried tortilla strips.

What motivates you?

Without a question, being part of a team that is equal parts creative-fun-genius and no-nonsense-get-it-done-organized. This is the number one reason I cherish my job at GO! I am so lucky to be surrounded by team members who support and motivate each other daily.

How do you motivate others?

Working hard and being nice. Working hard earns you respect within a team. And being nice — well, it just makes everything much more pleasant. Also, I’ve found that when you put enthusiasm out into the universe, people will generally match it and give it right back to you.

What’s your secret superpower?

When I was growing up, I would sit on the kitchen counter and watch my Dad cook. As he was moving a mile a minute — dicing and sautéing and braising and saucing — he would always say, “Clean as you go, sign of a pro.”

In both cooking and design making a mess is a crucial part of the process. It’s what makes a beautiful, delicious end product. But my secret superpower lies in the fact that I can have a blast making a big tasty mess, AND end the day with a sparkling clean desktop.

Without a doubt, organization is my secret superpower.

What song best describes your creative process?

I would have to do some sort of terrible mash-up of songs that includes “Time to Pretend” by MGMT, “Wake Up” by Arcade Fire, and “Try Again” by Aaliyah.

In “Time to Pretend,” the first line is “I’m feelin’ rough, I’m feelin’ raw, I’m in the prime of my life.” And in “Wake Up,” there is a line that hit me over the head the first time I heard it: “Children wake up, Hold your mistake up.”

Whether I’m writing or designing, I always try to allow a little time for things to be rough, raw, and chock-full of mistakes. It’s all about just getting ideas down on paper without any concern for how they look or sound. Then I step away — even if that means just taking a quick lap around the office. And then I come back, pick myself up, and try again. Now the ideas are out of my head and I’m ready to make something articulate and (hopefully) beautiful.

At GO!, we are high-energy, high-intensity experts from many walks of life. We are consummate professionals — equal parts head, heart, and hands-on. We’ve been told we bottle lightning. And we would love to meet you. Say hello.

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