Meet Jessica Musick

Meet Jessica Musick

Occasionally, we like to shine a spotlight on some of the people who make us GO! Jessica Musick is one of those folks who needs no spotlight — she’s got a shine all her own. However, we couldn’t help but shout her talents from the rooftops anyway.

Jessica is a heavy-hitter in the automotive realm, with her experience as an account director taking her from muddy racetracks to luxury resorts to fast-paced Motorsports events. And it’s the high-energy, ever-changing nature of the experiential marketing industry that really gets her motor running. From the minute she walked through the doors of GOXD, we could see that she works hard, keeps her glass half full, and demonstrates an authentic passion for her work.

(Bonus: She’s got actual high performance track training, making her a great getaway driver if a sticky situation should ever arise. Talk about going above and beyond for her clients!)

Hey, Jessica, what’s your story?

I’m a true native Atlantan, growing up in the city and attending high school right next door to Piedmont Park. I don’t have much of a Southern twang but did grow up in a Southern family, understanding the difference between homemade and store-bought biscuits, the right amount of “sweet” in your tea, and that vinegar is the cure for almost everything.

I spent my summer of 1996 volunteering with the Atlanta Olympic Games for soccer (aka “football”), where I first learned that people could actually make a living working fun and amazing events. It inspired me to figure out how I could intertwine passions such as sports and events with my career path. Fast-forward to today and I really do believe in the saying “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

What do you wish you did more of?

Collecting passport stamps. I love learning about other cultures and traveling internationally, and for many years, I made it a goal to get at least two stamps per year. I think we have so much we can learn from traveling, and it enriches our lives to understand others and how they live.

Although there wasn’t a stamp involved (officially), I spent time in Cuba last year and fell in love with the culture, people, food, and music on the magical streets of Old Havana. La Vida Buena indeed.

What motivates you?

Besides the obvious — blasting old-school hip-hop and dancing like no one is watching — I have always had a strong inner drive. I constantly find motivation in the world and people around me, and this was part of what drew me to GOXD. My initial impression of the company seems to be proving true — lots of great talent and several layers to the onions around here.

How do you motivate others?

Typically I set up a “snack kingdom” wherever I go. It’s amazing what the right chocolate-covered or “matcha green tea covered” X/Y/Z will do for your spirit! I rely on the DeKalb Farmers Market for most of my goodies, so feel free to swing by for a pick-me-up.

What’s your secret superpower?

Scissors and clippers. I give a mean haircut and have been cutting hair in very limited circles since high school. My specialty is the “George Clooney cut” with a smooth fade.

What song best describes your approach to your work?

“Can’t Stop” by Ozomatli. (The best way to describe Ozomatli is like a Latin Jamiroquai.)

I’ve been lucky enough to see them a few times, as well as hire them for a corporate event in Los Angeles. Their tunes are dynamic, upbeat, and tend to get you out of your seat. The lyrics that resonate with me and my approach to work are, “We keep it movin…You know we don't stop, even when the wheels lock.” I think it is so important to keep evolving and learning and to be able to creatively work around obstacles in order to make things happen.

At GO!, we are high-energy, high-intensity experts from many walks of life. We are consummate professionals — equal parts head, heart, and hands-on. We’ve been told we bottle lightning. And we would love to meet you. Say hello.

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