Be Your Best Self

Be Your Best Self

We’re all striving to be our best selves. And now more than ever, we’re pulling out our wallets to help in this pursuit. (Check out the rise in healthy-minded vacations, the myriad fitness and meditation apps, and the shift toward purchasing experiences over things.) For brands, supporting consumers in this pursuit can provide big payoffs in the way of loyalty, engagement, and, ultimately, sales.

According to Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the quest for one’s best self, or the actualized self, involves achieving your full potential and finding meaning in life. And while marketers have referenced Maslow’s hierarchy for years, they’ve focused primarily on basic and psychological needs.

Now, however, brands that are able to address the higher-level self-actualization needs have the most to gain. According to Trendwatching, “the brands [consumers] notice, engage with, and love, are those that help them be the people they want to be.”

Support Their Journey

Of course, addressing how your brand helps to inspire personal growth in areas like creativity, problem-solving abilities, and moral conduct, requires more than a good tagline. Below are a few examples of how marketers can use experiential marketing to show, not just tell, consumers how their brands can help them be their best selves.

According to Simply Psychology, self-actualization is a “continual state of becoming rather than a perfect state one reaches.” So show your consumers you’re with them throughout that process, whether it’s by celebrating accomplishments or enabling improvement.

As part of their efforts to disassociate from diet marketing and associate themselves with modern health trends, Lean Cuisine created an activation to celebrate women’s most important life achievements. For this, the brand asked women how they wanted their life to be weighed and erected a wall with their answers in Grand Central Station.

Think Beyond Health and Wellness

Though much of the focus in self-actualization is on physical health and wellness, the pursuit of our best selves also includes our emotional health, morals, creativity, humor, and more. Consider encouraging your audience to practice a specific characteristic of a self-actualized person that best aligns with your brand values.

One of these characteristics is an acceptance of oneself, flaws included. To support the launch of TNT’s new drama Good Behavior, GOXD created an activation at the BlogHer conference, where women were invited to express their perfectly imperfect selves with a coloring gallery of witty and unapologetic one-liners, among other reminders that “good” is in the eye of the beholder.

Not Part of a Solution? Identify a Problem.

Not all brands offer self-enriching products or services. But that doesn’t mean you can’t jump on the self-actualization train. To do it authentically and effectively, identify areas that hinder self-actualization that you can solve in an unexpected way.

Seeking to bridge cultural divides, Coca-Cola fitted its vending machines in India and Pakistan with webcams that gave people the ability to chat live with someone from the other country. In doing so, the brand helped consumers grow, unite, and find fulfillment through the acceptance of others.

They found that helping consumers better themselves is also better for business.

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