Meet Kris Mohfanz

Meet Kris Mohfanz

Kris Mohfanz is a creative force. He transitions between his roles as a creative director, specializing in performance, and an executive producer, balancing complex budgets, schedules, talent, and teams. 

He has an expectation and an eye for perfection. It seems the only skill he hasn’t mastered is sitting still.

And yet he still manages to boost morale as one of our culture creators. Being around him reminds us what so many of us love about this industry: creating wildly creative work that brings brands to life.

You cannot be in the same room as this man and not feel energized by his presence. For just a small dose of that energy, keep reading. We dare you.

Hey, Kris, what’s your story?

I don’t think we have enough allocated space for the full answer, but I’ll try…

I was introduced to “life on the road” at an early age with my father being in recording groups in the ’70s. Staying in hotels, waking up in a new place every day — I was hooked — road life was for me. At 15, I booked my first job as a professional dancer. Bye, Mom! And the rest is history — from stage performances to industrials and groundbreaking theme park shows to arena and stadium performances globally. I am fortunate to have had these experiences, which continue to influence me daily.

I was able to live my dreams and made the decision — a smart one — to become a sponge and soak up everything. (To this day, I still do that, learning from every director, producer, choreographer, creative director, etc.) I put in the hours, and at 20 years old, I found myself based in Germany as an in-house choreographer for Edel Records. From there, my third career happened by fax...

I received a fax from a friend about a job that they thought I’d be good at: running a multi-million dollar Las Vegas agency as the director of entertainment. At 26, it came to be, and soon after, I was being sought out for my outrageous event producing style and ideas that pushed corporate norms.

Career No. 4 came to me via Twitter. Plucked from the event world, I became a broadcast producer for a boutique agency in Philadelphia and was thrown headfirst into the land of commercial/video production. After four years of award-winning production work, I knew I needed to get back to the experiential side. That is when I came to GO! Experience Design.

I’ve worked my whole life and will continue to work as long as I have the opportunity to create. I love the controlled chaos of our world. My non-biz friends call me, “the experience guy.” It works. I enjoy creating moments that leave an impression on the person who’s experiencing them.

I used to perform for the applause and see people have a great time. Now, I hear the applause and know that I was part of the team that made it happen, giving the next generation of performers the chance to create their own moments and their own memories.

What motivates you? 

Pushing the creative boundaries for our clients to unlock the next level of brand connection/understanding and being able to educate on innovation and top trends motivates me to keep learning and growing myself. Also, I get to make cool s#!+ all day long. Who isn’t motivated by that?

How do you motivate others? 

Working hard, a slick sense of determination, and a work ethic (that some may think is beyond sustainable) motivates those around me. You have to lead by example in this business and be able to back up what you’re trying to sell. I can sell. All. Day. Long! That’s motivating. (Some of my examples may not be fully appropriate, but hey, I do what I can). A director once said to me, “if you have a positive attitude then the entire cast will.” That’s a powerful observation to be told. I try to not abuse that, but use it for the good.

Oh — and you must have fun while you work! I am a firm believer in work hard, play hard. Be responsible for your deliverables, meet deadlines, and laugh A LOT!

What’s your secret superpower? 

My ability to not only power through but to perform at a high level on multiple projects and teams simultaneously with little to no sleep.

And for the record, sleep is a wonderful thing…but I can do that when I'm dead.

At GOXD, we are high-energy, high-intensity experts from many walks of life. We are consummate professionals — equal parts head, heart, and hands-on. We’ve been told we bottle lightning. And we would love to meet you. Say hello.


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