Meet Sara Smith

Meet Sara Smith

Since 2013, Sara Smith has brought an adorable giggle and a fierce attention to detail to the GOXD team. As an associate producer and media asset manager, she brings efficiency and energy to all of her projects for clients including Kia Motors, Cartoon Network, and Adult Swim.

Most days, you will find her rolling with her posse of smush-faced pups: Louie, the wild and crazy Boston terrier, and Ella, the sleepy pug whose droopy tongue consistently hangs out of her mouth.

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Hey, Sara, what’s your story?

I was born in Fort Benning, Ga. But with an airborne U.S. Army Ranger for a dad, I spent my childhood living all over the place, including Germany. I’d already attended nine different schools before middle school, when we finally settled down in Carrollton, Ga., right outside of Atlanta.

I graduated from Georgia State University with a bachelor’s in film and video and a minor in theater. After college, I worked on a sports documentary, Living is Winning, about a triathlete living and competing with leukemia.

After a childhood of traveling, I realized I missed the wanderlust life so I become a flight attendant. While traveling the world and having a blast, I continued to work in media production, which eventually lead me to GOXD. And now I spend my days in Atlanta with my two adorable dogs and my family, and I venture down to the beach as often as I can.

What is your favorite place in the world?

Sand, Sun, Water — the BEACH. (Any beach will do!)

What motivates you?

Music. I am a huge music fan. It’s what makes me get up everyday and get through life. Mumford and Sons is my favorite band.

How do you motivate others?

I’m a very positive person even when life gets really rough. I think I help motivate others to get through obstacles by staying positive. It always works out.

What’s your secret superpower?

Intuition. I can see things before they happen, and most of the time it happens. But second to predicting the future, my most mystical talent is making pizzas. I make the best pizzas.

What song best describes your work style?

“Turn up the Radio,” by OK GO.

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